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Statement of categories of documents

Last updated Date :17-09-2021

Statement of categories of documents that are held by the Company or under its control


Sl No Name
A Administration
1 Attendance Register
2 Cheque Issue Register
3 Fixed Asset Register
4 Inward Register
5 Safe Key Transfer Register
6 Ledger Folio Details
7 Outward Register
8 Register of Holidays Leave etc Granted
9 Register of office orders
10 Stationery Stock Register
B Loans
1 Loan Register
2 Equitable Mortgage Register
C Statutory Register
1 Register of Share Transfer, Members, Directors
2 Share Forms of KPFC
D Accounts
1 Cash Book
2 General Ledger
3 Journal Register
4 Imprest cash book
5 Cash advance book
E Fixed Deposits
E1 Interest Cheque Registers
E.1.1 Interest cheque Register - Monthly interest
E.1.2 Interest cheque Register - Quarterly interest
E.1.3 Interest cheque Register – Half yearly interest
E.1.4 Interest cheque Register - Annual Interest.
E.2 Fixed Deposit Statutory Registers
E.2.1 Fixed deposit Register- Regular Income Deposit Scheme
E.2.2 Fixed deposit Register- Cumulative Income Deposit Scheme
E.3 Fixed Deposit Daily Collection Registers
E.4 Other Fixed deposit Registers
E.4.1 Fixed Deposit Maturity Report Register
E.4.2 Fixed Deposit- Pre-Closed Accounts & Loan on Fixed Deposit Register
E.4.3 Fixed Deposit Refund Cheque Register
F Bonds
1 Interest & TDS Register - Series I Bond Issue
2 Interest & TDS Register - Series II Bond Issue
3 Interest & TDS Register - Series III Bond Issue
4 Register of Bond Application Forms - Series I
5 Register of Bond Application Forms - Series II
6 Register of Bond Application Forms - Series III
Notes The above documents and registers are not available for inspection by Public.
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