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Norms set for Discharge of Functions

Last updated Date :17-09-2021

The Company’s professional management team headed by Managing Director has been successfully achieving the targets year after year as observed from the consistent track record of the Company.

Norms Target
Issuing of Original Fixed deposit receipts In case of cash receipts, FD receipts are issued then and there. In case of depsoits made by way of cheque / DD, within 2 from the date of clearing of the cheques.
Issuing of interest warrants The interest warrants for the whole financial year are sent in a single lot so as to reach them within 15 days prior to the 1st due date.
Transfer of Bonds held in physical form Within 30 days
Payment of Interest/Redemption amount Posted at least 10 days before the due date so that investor can obtain payment on date
Handling/Reply to Miscellaneous Investor' queries, complaints, grievances, etc. Within 10 days subject to receipt of complete documents/information from investor
Compliance under various acts On or before the due date
Payment of bills Within 7 days subject to submission of bills in order.
Annual Accounts Prepared every financial year and placed before the Board of Directors along with the observations of the Audit Committee. The Audited accounts are placed before the shareholders in the Annual general meeting within the due date specified as per the Companies Act.
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